Steinfurter Bagno




The Steinfurter Bagno is one of the most extraordinary garden creations in the Münsterland and in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the park’s heyday in the 18th century, the then spectacular attractions brought numerous visitors from far and wide to Count Bentheim-Steinfurt’s castle. By contemporary standards, “the Bagno“ was a precursor of our modern amusement parks, with a sophisticated programme of entertainment.

Today, there are attempts to revive the park to its former glory. The famous concert gallery has been elaborately restored and the new interpretation of the former Baroque design of the 50-hectare park gives visitors a sense of its historical significance. In spring 2003, the “Große Allee“ was replanted with four rows of chestnut and lime trees. The modern design of the “Bagnoquadrat” invites an increasing number of visitors to linger and amuse themselves or to go on a boot trip on the nearby lake, a popular activity in the past.

Together with the castle, the picturesque centre of Burgsteinfurt, and the nearby Kreislehrgarten, the Bagno’s extraordinary history and renewed attractiveness make it an enjoyable place for everyone who is interested in (garden) culture.