Gartenschaupark Rietberg




Gartenschaupark Rietberg (Rietberg Garden Show Park), which developed out of the Regional Garden Show of 2008, captivates with its variety of extensive lake landscapes, areas of undisturbed vegetation, splendid herbaceous borders, range of play and leisure activities for the whole family, large sandy beach, high ropes course, 18-metre look-out tower and "art in the park".

Areas of undisturbed vegetation along the Ems river form new links between the various sections of the park and the town, providing an excellent view of the flora and fauna and forming a paradise for bird watchers. The long boardwalks now enable visitors to experience the extensive wetlands while the Baroque processional route with the Johanneskapelle (Chapel of St. John) provides an area of tranquillity and contemplation.

The historical town centre of Rietberg with its half-timbered houses and gardens can be reached from shady promenades along the banks of the Ems river and the restored city moat. The re-created monastery garden and its landscape of pools are at their best above all when the rhododendrons are in flower.