Lund City Park



In June 2011, Lund City Park celebrated its 100th anniversary. This date marked the opening of the City Park as such in 1911, after substantial redesigns and investments made in the wake of the Industry, Crafts and Arts Exhibition on the site in 1907.

Ever since 1911 the park has been much beloved and used by Lund’s citizens and visitors. Today Lund City Park displays a mix of various stylistic ideals and hosts a variety of features that represent more than 100 years of changes in design, infrastructures, monuments, management and use of urban parks: The German/French style dominates the central part, while the English style with winding walks and large groups of trees characterizes the rest of the park. There are more than 650 trees – exotic (like the Fern-leaf Beech, the Red Sycamore Maple, the Katsura or the Kobushi Magnolia) as well as indigenous species like beech and lime. The City Park also has many diverse flowerbeds featuring perennials and roses as well as summer flowers.

Therefore in 2009, a decision was made to use the centenary for making a gift to the City Park and to the citizens and visitors of Lund alike by setting up and implementing a development plan, designed by Ulf Nordfjell.

This presentation will be updated. The webpage informs about recent developments.