Gardens Of Famous People and Events

European Themes

Great parks and gardens are nearly always associated with the names of famous people. The triplet of "Louis XIV. - Versailles - Le Nôtre" is surely the most striking example of this.

Today we know that the often small or intimate gardens of many historical figures, e g. writers, painters, sculptors, politicians and industrialists, were places of peace and quiet, contemplation and meditation, of inspiration and creative work. Their houses and gardens were places where visions for the future were developed and political decisions were taken.

Other well-known figures "only" devoted themselves in their free time to the design and care of their gardens or (systematically and successfully) to the cultivation of (new) plants.

And finally, some garden architects are themselves figures of cultural history or of a particular historical period. The (virtual) visit of the gardens they established conveys much about their lives and their creations in garden design.

Many of these famous garden lovers stipulated in their legacies that their houses and gardens should be opened to the public. Exhibitions in the houses give insights into their lives and work. The gardens enable the visitor to sense the authentic nature and special nature of these places and to imagine how earlier inhabitants or famous guests used and lived in them.

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