Parks at Burg Hülshoff and at Haus Rüschhaus


The most poetic castle residence in the Münsterland is surely Haus Hülshoff in Havixbeck. Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, the well-known Westphalian poet, was born here on 12th January 1797.

The moated castle and its grounds are located near the town of Münster and are a popular place for outings today. The castle complex was built in typical Westphalian style and is surrounded by a large landscape park divided into several areas.

Only a few kilometres away from Burg Hülshoff is Haus Rüschhaus, one of the most elegant farmhouses in Westphalia. The impressive complex is completely surrounded by an artificially created moat and is the former summer residence of Johann Conrad Schlaun, the famous Baroque architect. In 1825, Baron Clemens August von Droste-Hülshoff, the owner of Burg Hülshoff, acquired the estate. A new phase began for Haus Rüschhaus with his poet daughter. After her father’s death, she lived in the idyllic country house from 1826 to 1846 with her mother and her sister Jenny as well as several servants.

The artistic embodiment of the Baroque attitude to life which is evident in the building is continued in the two geometrical gardens. In 1983, Schlaun’s plans were used to restore these faithfully to their original 18th-century form.