Buckland Abbey





Buckland Abbey was the home of Tudor England’s most infamous seaman, Sir Francis Drake. He bought Buckland Abbey with his share of plunder after his circumnavigation of the globe from 1577-80. Buckland Abbey remained in his family until the 1940s, when a fire caused severe damage to the home it was gifted to the National Trust.

Buckland Abbey’s gardens have been reconstructed in a late medieval style. The borders are full of bright and aromatic plants that fit in with the abbey setting including old irises, columbines, peonies and delphiniums. There also is a medieval meadow garden that was the height of fashion during the medieval times of the Cistercian monks. Ragged robin, ox-eyed daisies and other plants were firmly established in the soil, then, a carefully selected grass was laid. The long grass is full of wild tulips, narcissis, scabious, musk mallow, poppies and other wild flowers.