Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967) was mayor of Cologne for many years and the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. His house, built in 1936, can be found in Rhöndorf in the middle of an extremely colourful garden with a charming view over the Rhine valley.

A steep path along several terraces and sets of steps runs through the colourful, sloping garden. The garden’s variety of plants, trees, sculptures, fountains and walls gives it a southern-European feel, making it reminiscent of northern Italy, a landscape of which Adenauer was extremely fond.

Stones walls of differing heights provide the garden’s structure and create terraces. A large fig tree grows at the house terrace where splendid plants in pots are positioned to catch the eye in summer. Besides fruit trees, oleanders, camellias and azaleas, a large number of roses thrive and flower in this Mediterranean terraced garden. Scented roses were Konrad Adenauer’s favourite flowers.

A small water-lily pool with water features, which is flanked by life-size figures of de Gaulle and Adenauer, provides refreshing coolness on hot summer days.

Adenauer had a round garden pavilion built in a prominent spot by his son-in-law, the architect Multhaupt. He often worked here on his “Memoirs”.

There are fantastic views over the Rhine valley, the Rolandsbogen, Nonnenwerth island and the Drachenfels hill from almost every spot in the terrace garden.

The house and garden can only be viewed on guided tours.