Waldfrieden Sculpture Park


Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden

The Sculpture Park Waldfrieden is situated in the midst of an idyllic forested area in the hills above the Elberfeld and Barmen districts of Wuppertal. Mature deciduous trees line the serpentine road leading to the park, and several works by the British sculptor Tony Cragg can be spotted along the embankments of the entrance approach.

Old deciduous trees such as chestnut, linden, robinia, maple, larch, oak and beech define the character of the park with a contrast being created by the red foliage of copper beeches and purple-leaf plum trees. A giant sequoia stands at the entrance while weeping beeches, Japanese maples and ginkgos surround the villa.

In spring, the star magnolias and tulip magnolias develop their profuse blossoms, followed by cherry and lilac, wisteria and rhododendron. The variety of types of wood inside the villa corresponds to the range of trees and shrubs in the park.

The harmony of house and garden created by Franz Krause still lives on today, e.g. in the dynamic shape of the walls at the side of the villa, which "curl inwards" to form surrounds for the flowerbeds.

The existing network of paths was extended when the park was being re-designed. It now covers the whole grounds, guiding visitors to the numerous locations of the sculptures and passing by groups of shrubs, areas of lawn and the tall trees of the mixed forest. The location's proximity to the town centre and its characteristic topography are conducive to the development of a park which aims at providing a home for and access to sculpture in all its various forms and potentials.