Silesia Park


Silesia Parc

The history of Silesia Park as began in July 1951 with the conversion of this former mining site with its slag heaps. The 620 ha now include two zones of greenery: a quiet area with dense vegetation for a passive recreation neighbouring an area of mass culture, entertainment, sports and education for active recreation.

A main structure is the General Ziętek Promenade with most attractions located alongside and adorned with many flower beds, floral displays, trees and shrubs. Often in parallel a cable railway offers one of the rare opportunities to admire a park from a bird’s perspective.

The Rosarium hosts 30.000 roses, including ramblers on specially designed constructions and forming spectacular pyramids of roses. The colourful perennial garden is almost entirely isolated from the park’s main alleys by a row of trees and shrubs.

Scattered throughout the park are 14 ponds with nine fountains, naturally replenished with rainwater and a circulation of water along a specially designed system of canals and streams.