Parks at Saline and Solbad Gottesgabe in Rheine




The area in the north-west part of Rheine which encompasses the Salinenpark, the neighbouring zoo as well as Bentlage monastery and cultural landscape is an interesting place to visit.

The Salinenpark was redesigned in 2004. Today, box-shaped linden trees create a focus at the central part of the graduation house where the original structure is missing.

Extensive information can been obtained from the visitor centre. The central themes of “nature”, “culture” and “salt”, known together as the “Rheiner Dreiklang” (Rheine Trio”), are used to guide visitors through the area.

The salt route passes through the park at the Gottesgabe salina and past the restored graduation house. The practice of extracting salt in the 18th and 19th centuries is explained here.

The nature route passes through Bentlager Busch (Bentlage Wood). Here fauna and flora are explained along with the Tanzlinde - a 160-year-old linden tree, the loop in the Ems river, which is a dominant feature of the landscape at Bentlage, and the Wegefächer, which portray aesthetic landscape design.

The monastery is the cultural centre of Bentlage. It forms an important part of the cultural route, which explains the history, architecture and development of the monastery throughout the centuries.