Botanical Garden of Haute-Bretagne


Parc Botanique de Haute-Bretagne

The Botanical Garden of Haute-Bretagne is a contemporary creation located in a 25-hectare landscape garden dating from 1848. The gardens are divided into three areas which simultaneously evoke spring, summer and autumn:

"Arcadia" is a reference to ancient mythology: "The Garden of Olympus", "The City of Knossos", "The Ancient City or The Garden of Alcinous", "The Path of Ancient Roses" - a reminder of the oldest known roses of the Greeks and Romans, "The Garden of Dionysus" and "The Garden of a Thousand and One Nights".

The "Romantic Gardens" are exotic in style and were laid out to the south of the house, which was erected in 1836. Novalis, the creator of the "blue flower" - the symbol of Romanticism - provides the introduction to the "Garden of the Blue Source". The "Valley of Poets" is inspired by Victor Hugo while Baudelaire is the inspiration for the "Garden of Exotic Fragrances".

The third area is more recent and is home to compositions which embody the garden's future. This area heralds the twilight period of life. Among the gardens here are the "Garden of the Setting Sun", the "Garden of Dreams on a Summer's Night", the "Altar of Evening Harmony", the "Garden of the Red Moon", the "Garden of Starry Nights" and the "Garden of the Old Oak Tree".