Nordsternpark Gelsenkirchen





Nordsternpark, which evolved from the Federal Garden Show in Gelsenkirchen in 1997, presents post-industrial garden design in the spirit of the International Architecture Exhibition Emscher Park (IBA) in a landscape park on the disused terrain of a former colliery and on old industrial land.

The history of the area – the history of Nordstern colliery – and the widespread excessive shaping of the industrial landscape remain present as no attempt is made to create aesthetic harmony or a smooth transition where the legacy of the past meets new elements.

Former winding towers and colliery buildings are important landmarks which form identification points in the landscape. A “slag-heap passage” and a “slag-heap pyramid” create new views and provide focuses. New impressive bridges form outstanding elements of the new infrastructure and connect the town districts across the canal and the Emscher river.

The landscape park uses oppositeness to highlight elements. Barriers are broken in order to create links. The park structures satisfy due to their formal transparency and simplicity. The new “earth architecture” is technological. It is a sign of what has been “artificially created”.

The reclaimed land is an important area for local recreation for the adjoining town districts. Visitors come from throughout the region to experience attractions such as “Kinderland” and the "Amphitheater".

Due consideration is given to the urgent need for ecological renewal through the development of a sufficient number of areas where flora and fauna can regenerate.