Brückenpark Müngsten

– Nature meets Technology, Art of Engineering supplements Idyll




Nature meets technology and an idyll is supplemented by the art of engineering - that's the best way to describe the cultural landscape park created under the famous Müngsten bridge in 2006.

A broad set of steps and sloped areas of grass in the traffic-free valley along the Wupper river are an invitation to visitors to linger in the park. Walkways high above the Wupper, plateaus close to the water's surface and beach-like areas create a variety of experiences. The steep reinforcement of the shoreline with greywacke blocks stacked using the dry construction method incorporated embankments which were already present before the park's development while simultaneously preventing visitors from entering the Wupper along the entire shoreline. Account was thus taken of issues relating to nature conservation and water management.

The reduced range of materials used in the development of the park (concrete, greywacke, wood) and the careful choice of colour (anthracite) ensured the creation of an area with a suitably tranquil atmosphere.