Gutspark Escheberg



Surrounded by tree-covered hills, the Escheberg estate lies on the southern slope of the mountain from which it derives its name. The estate’s special landscape setting and its remote location northwest of the small town of Zierenberg make the charming and romantic spot seem like an enchanted place. In the 19th century, it became known as a meeting place for Romantic artists, who were invited to it by its owners, the von der Malsburg family.


A large landscape garden was laid out around the farm and manor house from 1790 onwards. Visitors can take an interesting walk around the gently sloping grounds with their two ponds and varied stock of trees and bushes by following a path around the garden, parts of which have been open to the public for many years. The park’s particular charm comes from the alternating views it provides of the garden and the surrounding countryside as well as its considerable wealth of old and young trees and shrubs. Herbaceous borders complete the picture in some places. Turk’s cap lilies are a special feature of the park. They blossom in pink in summer and are rather unusual for the region. The immediate surroundings of the park were once connected to it by paths and viewing points.