Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord

the metamorphosis of an industrial landscape



The centre of Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord is a disused blast furnace which today is a much visited industrial heritage site. Covering an area of approximately 200 hectares, the park comprises various areas of abandoned industrial sites and wastelands. The extremely diverse terrain is due to the many changes carried out to its topography, the different soil substrates, and the vegetation which has spread spontaneously on it.  

One element of the park is the “Wasserpark“, which uses the Alte Emscher river system. The water is collected in open channels and old water pipes and presents a spectacular sight for the visitor.

Railway embankments of different heights structure the park into separate areas. All the areas of the park are connected by the old factory train system. They form the “Bahnpark“.

The “Vegetationskonzept“ uses the diverse natural vegetation which spread spontaneously on the area. An extraordinary variety of plants became established due to the different locations and varying conditions under which the sites became disused.

Visitors can find the “Gärten im Park“ at selected locations throughout the park. For example, the sinter bunkers in the former sinter plant were transformed into a variety of garden chambers protected and separated by concrete walls.

A farm garden was created near the old farm buildings of the Ingenhammshof.

The park’s unique appearance and atmosphere at night is the result of a specially developed light installation by Jonathan Park.