Park Schloss Drachenburg





The park around Schloss Drachenburg, which stands approximately 150 metres above the Rhine valley, features terraces, a pleasure ground, a sloping meadow and a wood, making it a peaceful counterpoint to the stylistic variety of the castle’s architecture. The park was created in 1884 as a zoned landscape park and is regarded as a classic example of the late-landscape style of garden design.

Starting at the “pleasure ground”, which is located directly at the castle, the view opens out onto the Rhine valley and the surrounding cultural landscape. Looking at this panoramic view, it is easy to understand the 19th-century enthusiasm for Rhine romanticism.

A round ornamental flowerbed lies directly in front of the flight of steps. To the south, there is a Venus terrace with a small garden which echoes the pleasure and love gardens which were popular at the time. Here too there is a fantastic view over the Rhine valley.

A large sloping meadow planted with native deciduous trees and with pyramid poplars in its south section stretches out to the south of the Drachenburg. The whole garden is surrounded by a wall with an artistically-designed grille.

The park wood has a network of paths which lead to interesting attractions such as areas of landscape, natural features and elements of garden design. Amongst these are the Felsenmeer (“sea of rocks”) - a quarry dating from the time of the Romans, a 17-metre high lookout tower and a clearing with an obelisk.

After the castle and park were taken over by the NRW-Stiftung (North Rhine-Westphalian Foundation), the park was elaborately restored and a museum on the history of environmental conservation was established in the forecastle of the castle.