The Picturesque

The attraction of Cheshire as a location for business, a place to live and a destination to visit is directly linked to its quality environment, good transport links, and well preserved heritage – including many superb gardens.

The importance of unspoiled countryside and high quality landscaping are now being recognised as contributing to local quality of life - and gardens are increasingly being recognised as making a vital contribution to this feel-good factor.

Cheshire is blessed with a wealth of gardens. Indeed it has been known as ’England’s Garden Gateway’. There is a wide range of places to visit, such as the magnificent, extensive gardens at Tatton Park, which are of national significance. There are also many more destinations which, although smaller, are exceptional and unique in their own right – such as beautiful Rode Hall, with its winter snow drop walks, or the recently created Bluebell Cottage Gardens at Dutton.

Cheshire also boasts some of Europe’s biggest garden centres and other top quality tourist destinations including Britain’s largest zoo. Most gardens in the county are close to where people live - and within easy travelling distance of each other. This makes them remarkably accessible accounting for the fact that one in eight of all UK garden visits take place in Cheshire!

It is also important to remember that our gardens don’t exist in isolation – they have been created by and exist together with the wider community and countryside. Those in the west reflect the local rolling, gentle and wooded landscapes in their extensive parklands, or in the choice of garden planting. While destinations in the east may be tucked into hidden valleys in the rugged Peak District countryside.

If you have not until now visited gardens or had an interest in our horticultural heritage – read on. Our ‘Picturesque’ Route introduces you to a new way of viewing these beautiful, tranquil and timeless places. You will discover how this attractive design style has affected the diverse landscapes of “England’s Garden Gateway”. With a range of sites from pubs to gardens, and covering areas from the Cheshire Plain to the Peak District, this beautiful trail will inspire you.

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