Böckel Manor Park

Gutspark Böckel

Gutspark, BoeckelFoto: LWL/WALB/Gerbaulet. 2003 

Carl Koenig commissioned the landscape gardener Rudolph P.C. Jürgens with the design of the park in about 1900. Jürgens developed interrelated views, stopping points and eye-catching features. As the son of a tree-nursery owner, he planted exotic trees and shrubs, following criteria such as light in front of dark (broad-leafed trees in front of conifers). Furthermore, he used hanging and upright plant forms, and plants with small or large, slit or straight leaves.

The border between the park and the private garden area is marked by the picturesque moat. Today the authenticity of Jürgens' design still characterises the park and in some places one can guess at the former circular paths beneath the grass. Overgrown corners also enhance the park.

If one stands on the main north-south path, one's view wanders to the striking corner tower where the writer Rainer Maria Rilke lived for a time in 1917.

The old trees, whose form and appearance is only now really coming to the fore, are particularly impressive. Secluded spots such as the stone table at the former tennis court, the vase at the former crossing point of the paths or the hidden seat at the moat give the park an intimate quality.