Stadtpark Bochum

the first public urban park in the Ruhr



Stadtpark Bochum is a vivacious park in the tradition of an English landscape garden. Various areas of the park such as rose, dahlia, rhododendron, and shrub gardens as well as the old deciduous trees nestling in the varied landscape and the lake with its large fountains allow visitors to experience the variety of garden design in the park today.

The Bismarckturm at the highest point in the park is still a lookout tower with a sweeping view of the park. A water playground and the traditional Parkhaus which houses a restaurant complete this attractive setting. Art-lovers will also find modern sculptures by Vesely and Richard Serra in the park.

The atmosphere is especially idyllic in May and June, when the rhododendron and roses are in flower, and in October and November, with all the magnificent autumn colours.

The park and some of the buildings in the exclusive residential area, which dates from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, are protected by law due to their historical and artistic significance.