Park Benrath




The ensemble of buildings at Schloss Benrath still presents itself today as a Gesamtkunstwerk, just as Nicolas de Pigage planned it to be in 1755. The palace, park and water features complement each other and form common points of reference. Thus, the palace rooms have corresponding garden areas, e.g. the mirror pool corresponds to the cupola hall and the English and French gardens to the private rooms of the electress and elector.

Nicolas de Pigage gave the park a strict geometrical structure with axial sections. The wildlife park was redesigned as a geometrically-structured hunting ground. Avenues still cut through the grounds today, forming a star shape and meeting in a circle.

The French garden in the east, also known as the electress’ garden, is enclosed by water cascades and structured by Baroque flowerbeds.

The elector’s garden in the west, an English garden “en miniature”, features a stock of rare trees. This garden is adjoined by a fifties-style garden area.

In front of the orangery there is a reconstructed Baroque-style garden, the parterres of which are grouped around a fountain.

The kitchen garden, which is surrounded by high brick walls, supplied the palace with vegetables in the 18th century. Espalier fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers are now grown here again.

The various areas of the garden were extensively renewed, reconstructed and restored for the EUROGA 2002+ Dezentrale Landesgartenschau (Decentral Regional Garden Show).