Beguinage Bruges




The south of the city centre of Bruges is still to a considerable extent a green oasis of peace and quiet. The beguinage and the nearby Minnewater are some of the most picturesque places in the city. Dozens of artists, amateur photographers and publishers of illustrated post cards have captured this mix of nature and architecture on canvas, film and paper.

The princely beguinage De Wijngaard still bears witness to the religious life. The large lawn is covered with hundreds of daffodils in spring. Sunlight is filtered through dozens of stately trees.


The sober inner gardens of almshouses de Meulenaere, Sint-Jozef and De Vos used to be the place where poor elderly women could dry their laundry and plant some flowers. The Minnewater is the ‘mythical’ place where water enters the city and feeds the world-famous canals of Bruges.

The Minnewater Park is located at the edge of the water. Once the garden of a stately manor, it is now a lively and green place for the residents of Bruges.