Kurpark Bad Wildungen

A Park for Body, Spirit and Soul

The historical spa park was extended on the occasion of the Regional Garden Show in 2006 to include a new area with a varied range of activities for relaxation and recreation, entertainment, games and sport. In addition, the old park was connected to two restored stream valleys so that a link was made to the old Königsquellenpark and its original well pavilion located below Schloss Friedrichstein. A continuous “green ribbon” now stretches from the railway station to the spa quarter of Reinhardshausen, forming a park which is beneficial to body, spirit and soul.


A number of horticultural and ecological elements as well as objets d’art from the Garden Show have been retained, so that visitors encounter a series of different attractions along the new main path from the Königsquelle spring to the old park. The “Aqua Choros”, the “Golden Gardens” and the large “Sun Steps” with their charming view of the newly-created area in the valley and the hill with Schloss Friedrichstein at the top add a special new dimension to the park.