La Fontaine aux Bretons

The Gardens of L’Auberge La Fontaine aux Bretons

The enclosed, former farm garden on the sea has been redesigned and replanted with pear trees. It provides vegetables and herbs for the kitchens of L’Auberge La Fontaine aux Bretons. The avenues of flowers, the vineyard, the immediate surroundings, the pool and the pastures for the farm animals form a rural setting for a short stroll.

As a rural hotel, L’Auberge La Fontaine aux Bretons has been able to retain the authentic character of a pilgrims’ station on the Route of St. James to Santiago de Compostela. The pilgrims stop off here for refreshment at the well, which can still be found in the middle of the vegetable garden. This short rest enables them to gather new strength for the long and tiring walk to Santiago de Compostela.

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Besides supplying the restaurant kitchens, the garden at Auberge La Fontaine aux Bretons also has decorative vegetables. It was created in 1999 by landscape designer Olivier Damée, who was keen to retain the complete grounds and create a sensitive balance allowing nature to develop harmoniously. The authenticity of old traditions is therefore to the forefront here.

The vineyard was replanted with Chenin and Grolleau vines and the first grapes were harvested in 2001. Every day Marc Levilain, the gardener, tends the 12-hectare grounds which surround the building and also overlook the bay of Bourgneuf.

The vegetable beds for the restaurant kitchen are framed by herbaceous borders, which are in turn bordered by espalier pear trees. Flowerbeds with aromatic plants accompany the visitor to the restaurant entrance.

Terraces with rose trees and clematis on willow trellises link the building and the surrounding gardens. You are invited to relax and unwind at the water-lily pool behind the west-facing terrace. The rest of the grounds and the meadows are an ideal place for a stroll and are home to some endangered species: “Vache Nantaise” (cattle), Porc Blanc de l’Ouest (pigs), “Mouton des Landes de Bretagne” and “Mouton d’Ouessant” (sheep), Chèvre des Fossés (goats), “Dindon des Ardennes” (turkeys) or “Coucou de Rennes” (chickens). These animals help to recreate the atmosphere of the former farmyard.

PotagerÂne Vue MerVache Nantaise

The sea dominates the surrounding landscape. All kinds of aromas and scents fill the air. You can smell the sea, the sand, the flowers and the fruits of the country. Allow the aroma of burning wood to guide you to the fire. Sitting at the restaurant’s fine fireplace, you will find yourself tempted to sample the fine food and cultivated cuisine. The owners of the Auberge will provide you with moments of culinary delight created from regional produce, thanks to renowned cooks Michel Pavageau (“La Cigale” in Nantes) and Fabrice Guilleux. Savour the authenticity of the restaurant and its reflection of the magic of the past.

Stone walls and ancient wooden beams, antique furniture, comfortable sofas in warm ochre colours, decorations with natural materials – allow yourself to be enchanted by the charm of this restaurant. Why not even extend your stay and try out the “Résidence”? The hospitable Auberge welcomes nature lovers and walkers who need rest after walking in the sea breeze.