Wasserburg Anholt

Park and Grounds at Anholt Castle


Schloss Anholt (Anholt Castle) is one of the largest moated castles in Westphalia and is located in the westernmost part of the Münsterland, near the German-Dutch border.
The history of the park and grounds at Schloss Anholt can be traced back to the 16th century. The Baroque gardens were created around 1705 while in the 19th century, the grounds were developed in the style typical of English gardens by Maximilian Friedrich Weyhe, a garden architect from Düsseldorf.

Following devastation and extensive destruction during the 2nd World War, the castle was rebuilt and the grounds were recreated from 1964 onwards on the basis of Baroque models. Today, the water garden, the boscage, the canal garden, the maze and the wild meadow offer visitors a charming combination of styles - Baroque garden design and English landscape design.

The “Anholter Schweiz” (“Anholt Switzerland”) at short distance from the castle is a further attraction. Numerous visitors come to see the biotope game park, which is set in an artificially created landscape modelled on the area around Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. Visitors can see native animals and plants in their natural environment along the signposted routes.