Aerwinkel Castle



Aerwinkel Castle was built in 1854 by Dutch architect Pierre Cuijpers on commission from Pierre Geradts.

The romantic, neo-Gothic castle lies at the heart of a beautiful English landscape garden - probably also designed by Cuijpers - between the town of Posterholt and the village of 't Reutje.

The garden borders on a wood called "Munnichsbos" and is thus surrounded by nature on all sides.

Surrounded by old chestnut, beech and oak trees, the main house can be found at the centre of two large expanses of lawn. The present owners planted a large number of outstanding shrubs and trees here in 1997. The wealth of species in this park - more than 500 different shrubs and trees - is unique in the south of the Netherlands and can also be regarded as an arboretum.

Countless rhododendrons blossom in spring while autumn offers visitors a true "Indian summer" thanks to the splendid colours of the beeches and chestnut trees.

In any season Aerwinkel is a beautiful tranquil spot crisscrossed by newly-created walking trails. At the same time, amphibians in the pond and free-roaming domestic animals (alpacas, ponies and hens) add life to the estate.