Initiators and Supporters

The EGHN Partner Network

The starting phase and its initiators and supporters

EGHN was started within the EU-Programme INTERREG IIIB NWE to foster transnational co-operation in regional development and the enhancement of the cultural heritage (Objective 4.2) with nine official project partners in September 2003. The project was developed since 2001 at the Institute of Spatial Planning, University of Dortmund. In 2004 the number of official partners could be extended to 11 and at the end of 2006 to a total of 16. All official partners contributed to the implementation of the project and covered those 50% of the project expenditures that were not covered by European funding.

However, the project would not have been possible and be so successful without additional organisations that either contributed substantially to its budget, by funding individual partners (e.g. the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) or supported the project’s activities (e.g. the anchor gardens). You will find a list of these initiators with contact details here.

Finally the project and its outcomes could not have been achieved as such without all those individuals, municipalities, organisations and associations owning and/or caring for parks and gardens and supporting garden art by many own activities as well. They are mentioned on “Acknowledgements” and in many descriptions of the parks and gardens.

EGHN as a partnership network since 2009

When the European funding ended in 2009, the overall framework for the European Garden Heritage Network changed substantially: it was now possible to include new partners, to define additional objectives and to start new initiatives, but future income was much more unpredictable.

In this situation many of the initiators as well as some of the old funding bodies and some new supporters have been ready to give resources for the continuity of EGHN. These resources include financial support for the development and implementation of new projects, the payment of an annual partnership fee to the network and guidance, manpower and support for the management of the network, networking activities to address new potential partners and thus for a sustainable growth of the network and partnership.